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Glazing repair and replacement: What should your key considerations be?

The sophistication of glazing technology is such that glass is now one of the most important materials within the built environment – both in an architectural and functional capacity. It’s an all-encompassing architectural solution which can address security, solar control, thermal, acoustic and aesthetics requirements – in one sustainable resource.

With the rise in specification of glazing products comes more complex considerations for facilities managers and for the insurance industry. Here, we’ve outlined some of the key considerations that will help streamline the glazing repair and replacement processes…

Where in the building elevation?

It’s not only important to identify the type of glass, it is essential to understand where in the elevation it is installed and in which direction the elevation faces. Is it positioned on a North, South, East or West-facing elevation as this can affect the suitability of products? Which floor of the building is the unit? Ground floor glazing may need to meet Secured By Design standards and therefore require laminate glass for safety and security.

Subtle differences in glass

On the face of it, glass manufactured for commercial applications by different glazing companies may have the same technical spec as others in the market place. However, the glass may look different due to manufacturer’s slight variations in colour transition, reflection and neutrality, for example. This is particularly important where just one panel is to be replaced and needs to match existing glazing.

A specialist glass and replacement expert, such as Façade & Glazing Solutions (FGS), will guide you through this process and work to identify the manufacturer and specific type of product which has been damaged, identify the supplier, source the product, and repair or install the unit.

Maintaining standards

Glazing manufacturers and installers must adhere to industry standards and so it’s important that checks are made in this respect. They should ensure that glass used is fit for purpose evidence that glazing has been tested for strength and integrity, thermal safety and to meet overhead safety protection requirements where glass roofs and atriums are concerned.

What are the replacement challenges?

Working at height – Attention to detail in the planning and execution of working at height projects is particularly important. Health and safety should always be the highest priority. Ensure your supplier is trained and certified in the use of mobile working platforms, mechanical glass handling equipment and other complex access solutions.

Weather conditions – Your supplier should be monitoring mid to long term weather forecasts as severe weather conditions will present health and safety challenges. Monitoring weather forecasts is also important to ensure that the ground conditions are suitable for the leverage equipment used.

Access and traffic management – Having close communication with the local authority to close roads and manage the traffic where necessary is key, as is having excellent coordination with the engineers to gain access. Glazing installation timings must often allow for normal trading hours to resume, for example with external installations at shopping centres.

Choose the right supplier – choose FGS

Getting commercial clients back in business as soon as possible is vital to limit the impact on trading and mounting insurance costs. Therefore, a nationwide emergency glazier service which operates 24/7 365 days a year is essential to support efficient management of claims and get businesses back to full operation.

FGS’s network of experienced engineers can secure and make safe, assess the product(s) in situ and then either repair or replace the damaged glazed units. We deal quickly with any eventuality – from the smallest glass replacement to the most complex fittings – together with a complete range of double-glazed units to match existing glazing.

We are experienced in handling complex projects, as well as in handling the requirements of multiple contacts involved in some insurance claims and repair work. We provide direct call handling and claims management services, helping to streamline repair work and deliver professional and quick-response customer service.

As a nationwide provider of emergency glazing services, our capabilities extend from validation through to fulfilment for the commercial glazing sectors. FGS is at the forefront of glazing product innovations with access to a wealth of expertise relating to glass and the broader building fabric.

If you are a facilities manager or an insurance claims handler and would like more information, please visit or give our glazing solutions team a call on 0333 003 3388.

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